Symphony Narrowboat Paint

Purdy XL Dale Elite Brush

  • Size
  • Best For Trim Paints

    Highly recommended for both interior and exterior painting. The stiffness retention makes it especially high-performing for outside painting under extreme climate conditions. Only solid, round, tapered Nylox (dyed nylon) and polyester filaments are used bringing the synthetic filaments as close to naturally flagged bristle as possible.


    Fine Brush, ideal for small trim areas such as architrave delivering the ultimate accuracy.


    Natural hardwood Rat tail handle.


    Square edge ferrule.


    Greater paint lift and smoother application.


    Hand chiseled for precision cutting in.


    Self flag for perfect painting edge through the life of the brush.


    Use with water and solvent based coatings.


    Retain shape better than natural bristle brushes.

Purdy XL Dale Elite Brush














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