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Koate One Coat Worktop Oil 100ml


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£25.69 inc. VAT

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Koate’s One Coat Worktop Oil is a two component, single-layer hard-wax oil. It consists of a unique blend of natural oils and hard waxes, without the addition of harmful solvents. It enhances the natural look and feel of wood, giving you a surface that is attractive, yet protected from the rough and tumble of everyday life.

It is perfect for the kitchen. Food safe and great at protecting your surfaces from spillages. Liquids bead on the surface without leaving any marks - simply clean by wiping with a cloth. The product can be combined with the Creative Base and Colour Base to help you find your own unique finish.

Technical Info

No. Of Coats1
Coverage4-5m2 per 100ml
Drying Time2 hours - Touch dry
24 hours - Dry
7 days- Fully cured



What is the best way to Prepare the wood surface before applying the product?

  • Sand the surface to be treated thoroughly and evenly with 120 - 150 grit sia abrasive (if previously treated, remove all treatments completely).
  • Remove dust with a soft brush i.e., paint brush or air hose.
  • If using a pre-treatment product from the Creative Base or Colour Base range, apply now following application instructions.

Pre-treatment (If using)

  • Apply COLOUR BASE of CREATIVE BASE to wood surface, not to MDF or similar surfaces, according to the technical data sheet.
  • Lightly sand if necessary. Clean after sanding.


Oil Application - Wood surfaces:

  • Mix A + B Component, add 20% B component to A component i.e., 1L A + 200ml B or 500ml A + 100ml B (Pot life is several days in closed pot after mixing).
  • Apply oil with scrubby pad or cotton cloth or floor/hand polisher with a white pad.
  • After 5 minutes remove excessive oil with cotton cloth. All excess oil must be removed to ensure the product dries
  • Surface will be touch dry after 2-3 hours. Dry in 24 hours.
  • Fully cured in 7 days. Do not wash or wipe the surface with a wet cloth. The surface should not be used until the 7 day curing has taken place. Use prep boards or protective coverings on the surface until the 7 day curing process has taken place.

What if the door is made from MDP or similar surfaces?

  • Mix A + B Component, add 20% B component to A component i.e., 1L A + 200ml B or 500ml A + 100ml B (Pot life is several days in closed pot after mixing).
  • Apply with white scotch pad or hand polisher with a specially developed pad.
  • Add oil to pad, start in one corner working the oil into the MDF surface.
  • Add oil to wet surface and work to the rest of the surface. Work wet to dry.
  • Excess oil can be removed with a soft sponge.

Important information: Used rags and pads with oil can cause spontaneous combustion. When certain oils are exposed to air it combines with oxygen molecules, the reaction creates heat which can cause the cloth to ignite. Used pads and rags should therefore be immersed in water after use.



What is the best way to care and maintain the surface after Koate Worktop Oil has been applied? 

  • After 7 days after application, the treated surface can be cleaned with water and Koate Soap.
  • The surfaces can be maintained with Koate Maintenance products.

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