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Osmo TopOil products a range of effects depending on the finish:

Osmo TopOil Matt 3058 – emphasises the wood’s grain and natural characteristics, providing a warm and rich flat matt finish

Osmo TopOil 3032 – produces a soft lustre to the surface, emphasising the wood grain modestly

Osmo TopOil Natural 3068 – is designed to retain the natural raw effect of lighter woods, known as the ‘untreated look’ Ideal for Scandinavian style interiors.

Osmo TopOil Acacia 3061 – a lightly tinted oil which adds a luxurious brown hue to worktops

Osmo TopOil Graphite 3039 – a lightly tinted version that adds a contemporary dark grey hue to worktops.

Osmo TopOil Terra 3038 – a lightly tinted version of Osmo TopOil that adds an elegant dark brown tone to worktops.

Osmo TopOil White 3037 – a lightly tinted oil with white pigments, use to create a whitewash or Scandinavian type finish



  • A professional worktop oil designed for wooden worktops, chopping boards and tabletops

  • Provides a tough and durable long-lasting finish

  • Superb resistance against common liquid spillages

  • Food safe when dry

  • Ideal for use in high humidity areas



Brush, Roller, Pad






Number of Coats:




Drying Times @ 23°C


Touch Dry:

9 hours


Pot Life:


Up to 5 years if can is kept dry and closed tightly



Technical Info

Gravity (kg/l):




Viscosity @ 20°C:


>70s DIN EN ISO 2431/3mm, thixotrope


VOC Content:


Max. 500g/l ​





  • Ensure kitchen work surfaces and tabletops are clear of contaminates before applying Osmo TopOil.
  • To remove existing paint or varnishes please use a suitable paint stripper/remover
  • Small cracks and holes can be filled using Osmo Interior Wood Filler or Osmo Interior Gap Sealer
  • For additional protection against moisture and to prevent blue stain, wood can be treated using Osmo Wood Protector 4006 (please note, do not use the Wood Protector as a base coat for the White 3037 or Natural 3068 TopOils as the intended final finish will be aesthetically compromised.
  • White spirit can be used to remove impurities and other contaminates
  • To repair small dents/holes please use Osmo Interior Wood Filler or Osmo Interior Gap Sealer
  • Begin with coarse sandpaper – final sanding work for furniture P220-240 and remove all sanding dust before application
  • For rooms susceptible to moisture please apply a base coat of Osmo Wood Protector 4006 first to protect against blue stain



Always conduct a test area before starting your project to check product suitability and final finish. Ensure you are following the manufacturer’s instructions on the tin at all times. It is recommended to allow the oil to warm t room temperature and stir thoroughly before application for optimum results. Osmo Polyx Oil TopOil is ready to use, please do not thin.

  1. Apply the TopOil thinly along the wood grain using Osmo Easy Pads or the Osmo Soft Tip Brush

  1. Work the oil into the surface, ensuring you are removing any excess with a lint-free cloth

  1. Allow to dry with good ventilation

  1. Lightly de-nib the surface and ensure all dust is removed

  1. Apply a thin second coat as above

If the final finish is not shiny enough, you can buff it with a cloth to create a sheen, or for a higher sheen polish with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner once the surface has fully dried.



Regular Cleaning

For daily cleaning of work surfaces and tabletops, use Osmo Wash and Care with a damp lint-free cloth, or alternatively use Osmo Spray Cleaner 8026. These are non-aggressive treatments designed for regular cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

For the more stubborn stains, we strongly recommend using Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner 3029 to clean and regenerated the oiled surface.


Renovation is super easy – just clean and re-treat worn areas with a thin coat of Osmo TopOil. No sanding or removal of the TopOil finish is quired.

Use Osmo Maintenance Oil for restoration, maintenance or for changing the gloss level of the finish

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