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Black Dog Bitumen Paint

A quick-curing single pack component thixotropic bitumen-extended polyurethane coating


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£36.12 inc. VAT

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A high performance full- bodied bitumen paint formulated for the anti-corrosive protection of the underwater hulls of canal boats, drying to a mid-sheen finish. Bitumen is often known as “blacking” and is commonly used for canal boat maintenance. Our Black Dog Bitumen paint gives protection in both salt and fresh water to maximise longevity of the finish and provide the ultra-durability. The finish has abrasion resistance and high flexibility to minimise the risk of damage and cracking, and has superb weather resistance for those areas exposed to above water.It is resistant to low concentrations of alkalis and acids, and can withstand prolonged oxidation.


  • High build application to reduce time and cost

  • Produces a hydrophobic, elastic membrane for below the water line

  • Very strong adhesion to most types of substrates

  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties

  • It is ideal for application onto vertical surfaces with no running or bubbling


Brush, Roller, Spray


10m² per litre

Number of Coats:


Drying Times @ 20°C

Touch Dry:

2 hours

Pot Life:

12 months in original sealed container

Technical Info


700 - 1200 mPas

VOC Content:

409 g/l



Preparation of the surface is of great importance and will influence the adhesion attained and the life of the coating. All surfaces must be sound, stable and thoroughly clean and dry. Metal surfaces should be wire-brushed to remove rust. Where long-term protection is essential, an initial treatment of a rustinhibitive product should be used. Loose or blistered paint should be removed, as should tar-based paint systems. New galvanised surfaces should be roughened with a wire brush or treated with a proprietary etch primer. Porous surfaces should be primed beforehand.


Black Dog is ready for use and should not be thinned. Stir thoroughly before use. Apply by brush, roller or spray. A minimum of two coats should be applied. The first coat should be allowed to dry (normally 2-4 hours depending on weather conditions) before the second coat is applied. Concrete and some stone surfaces may be porous so an initial primer coat should be applied

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Customer Reviews


4 years ago, I had my hull grit blasted and epoxy 2 pack put on. Due to the costing of 2 pack at the moment, I have had to go down the bitumen route Found this product and in comparison to well known brands, it was coming in cheaper but appeared to have the same ingredients.I have just spent 4 days in dry dock applying 'Black dog' I have to say, it has been very easy to work with, quick drying and not left me disappointed at all. The finish is shinier than expected but I guess it will calm down. My vessel is 58' and I applied 3 coats. The first was brushed on to ensure as thick a coat as possible. The other two were rolled on. I used about 12.5 litres. Time will tell how the product sustains, it did have a very good sound base to go on to, so hopefully, in 2 years time, my decision will have been a sound one. The company themselves were extremely helpful, arranging my delivery when they were taking stock to Liverpool. Thank you SNP for your assistance. Top job all round. 😁

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